Be Wary of Financial Aid Search Companies

Be Wary of Financial Aid Search Companies Almost 95 percent of all student aid comes directly from the federal and state governments or the school themselves. You or your student apply for this aid using the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Be wary of any financial aid computer search company that charges a … Read more

Presidential Freedom Scholarship

Presidential Freedom Scholarship The Presidential Freedom Scholarship recognizes high school students for outstanding community service. The principal of each school can nominate up to two students to represent the school. Who is Eligible? High school juniors and seniors, in public and private schools, who have performed at least 100 hours of community service in the … Read more

What Does College Cost?

The cost of attending colleges for a full year is determined by the school’s tuition and fees, room (housing) and board (meals), books and supplies, personal expenses and transportation expenses. Put together, this is the total cost to attend the college or university for one academic year. Some students have additional expenses (such as medical … Read more

Employment Training Agencies

Employment Training Agencies The Lowdown: Short-term training courses and on-the-job training through several agencies such as Vocational Rehabilitation, Job Training Partnership Agencies, and the Hubert H. Humphrey Job Corps Center. Getting In: Evidence of financial or educational needs is often a requirement. Others may have additional eligibility requirements such as evidence of a disability. For … Read more

Estimated Parents' Contribution

Financial aid is intended to fill the gap between the actual price of attendance and what students and their families can realistically contribute from savings and income to pay for this education. Click on the following links to view the 2005-2006 estimated parent contribution according to family size and pre-tax income. Or use our Financial … Read more

Frequently Asked SELF Questions

The following questions are those most frequently asked concerning the (SELF) program. If you don’t understand some of the terminology on this page, open up our Loan Terminology page and reference it while you read. 1. What is the SELF Loan Program? 2. Who may borrow in the program? 3. How much am I allowed … Read more