Dislocated Worker

In general, a person is considered a dislocated worker if they meet one of the following conditions: They have lost their job. They have been laid off or received a lay-off notice from their job. They are receiving unemployment benefits due to being laid off or losing a job and are unlikely to return to … Read more

Additional Questions for Evaluating Online Programs

Most of the questions you should ask any school you are considering also apply to online education. If the school has both on-campus and online students, ask for information that specifically reflects the experiences of online students since their experiences may differ from those attending traditional classes. Understand Online Academic Policies and Expectations Can you … Read more

Online Scams and Diploma Mills

Online Scams and Diploma Mills The Internet offers new ways for educational scams and diploma mills to reach out to people who are looking for genuine education. It is not always easy to identify phony operations from a casual look. A website can include elaborate efforts to deceive, even to the extent of using pictures … Read more

Minnesota Indian Scholarship

Minnesota Indian Scholarship Program provides postsecondary financial assistance to eligible Minnesota resident students who are of one-fourth or more Indian ancestry and demonstrate financial need for an award. Who is Eligible? Scholarships are available to eligible Indian undergraduate students enrolled at least ¾ time and graduate students enrolled at least half time. In order to … Read more

Resources for Undocumented Students

Though federal and most state financial aid is not offered to undocumented students, there may be private scholarships and loans to help you pay for college. It is important to contact the schools that are of interest to you to determine if they have assistance available. Many financial aid counselors are aware of and sensitive … Read more

Summer Academic Enrichment Program

Summer Academic Enrichment Program The Minnesota Office of Higher Education is pleased to announce the 2012 Summer Academic Enrichment Program! This program is made possible by the Federal College Access Challenge Grant Program. The Summer Academic Enrichment program will provide stipends on a first-come, first-serve basis, to cover all or a portion of the direct … Read more

Financial Aid You Earn

Many students pay for part of their college education by working during college or by serving their community or country before or after they attend college. Students can gain valuable experiences through these diverse programs that reward work and service with financial aid for college. work-study jobs are on- or off-campus jobs offered to students … Read more

Financial Aid You Don't Repay

Financial Aid You Don’t Repay The best types of financial aid are those you don’t have to pay back after you graduate. It comes in two forms: Grants Grants are like gifts and are usually awarded to students with the fewest financial resources. Grants are considered need-based aid. This need is determined when you fill … Read more

Education Tax Benefits

The federal government offers several tax benefits for pursuing a college education including tax credits, tax deductions, and exclusions from gross income: For additional information on education tax benefits, see Internal Revenue Service Publication 970. There are several other tax provisions that may help your family cover the cost of higher education: Grants and scholarships … Read more

Financial Aid You Must Repay (Student Loans)

Financial Aid You Must Repay (Student Loans) Although the least desirable form of financial aid, student loan programs allow you to borrow money at interest rates that are lower than loans not intended for education. And you may be able to defer interest payments until after you graduate. Student loans are useful if you: don’t … Read more